Personalised Printed Hot Water Bottle



For the first time ever we can now manufacture small productions runs of a personalised printed hot water bottle.

Get your company logo, pictures and message printed directly onto the front of the bottle, choice of standard 2.0 litre, small 800ml or for the something very different 700ml heart shaped.   All sizes have a plain smooth front with your logo/picture with reverse side featuring a cross hatch pattern.   These are also latex free, ideal for anyone with a latex allergy and have a much wider stopper opening for easy pour and help prevent spills.   Manufactured to British Standard BS1970:2012 and backed with a 2 year guarantee for peace of mind.

Production runs start at just 100 units, the lowest direct from any factory and made to order.
How do we that!
Simple, send us your logo/image, we arrange a test sample for approval and when ready book full production run.
Your personalised hot water bottle will be factory ready in just 10 days, allow a few days for shipping.

Mim run 100 units
Lead Time 10 days
Choice of size, 2.0L, 0.8L and heart shaped
Choice of colour, white, blue, red or grey
Printed on one side
Made in Germany
Quality PVC Hot Water Bottle

For more information please e-mail or call 01793 613900


  • Question:  Hello there - please can you give me prices for x100 standard 2.0 litre and also small 800ml hot water bottle with printed picture on smooth side? Thanks in advance

    Answer:  Sorry to disappoint but currently Fashy are catching up post Covid, production is for a standard hot water bottle for this year. Hopefully next year when stocks are back to normal, we shall be able to help but for now we do not have any availability.




  • •   Choice of 3 different sizes.

  • •   2.0 or 0.8 litre size and now 0.7 litre heart shaped

  • •   White, red or grey colour

  • •   Printed on front, plain cross hatch pattern on back

  • •   Made in Germany

  • •   Manufactured to British Standard BS1970:2012

  • •   Latex allergy free hot water bottle

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